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The storage and agency of grain commercialization use most of the capacity of Cooproeste's storage structure. 

Grain cleaning

The storage process is one of the most important steps in the agricultural production chain. It is at this stage that the harvested grains are received, cleaned, selected and stored with safety and quality, ensuring that they arrive
to final consumers in perfect condition.

Large Storage Capacity
At Cooproeste, storage is an activity that receives special attention. With a modern structure and state-of-the-art equipment, the cooperative has
capacity to store more than 350 thousand tons of grain.


To guarantee the quality of the beans, Cooproeste follows strict origin and traceability protocols, which are rigorously observed from reception to shipment of the products. In addition, the cooperative has pest and disease control with preventive and corrective measures, ensuring the quality of stored products.


Grain Processing
Cooproeste associates have the facility to store their grains in the cooperative, obtaining greater security and profitability in commercialization. The cooperative also offers grain processing services, with a complete structure for pre-cleaning, drying, classification and bagging, in addition to having a specialized team to guide and assist producers in all stages.


Quality of Excellence
At Cooproeste, storage is a fundamental activity to guarantee the quality of the grains and the profitability of the associated producers, being carried out with excellence and commitment to cooperativism and sustainable development.



Cooproeste's Storage Sector adopts several sustainable measures in its operations, and one of the most important is the use of clean energy in its silos. The cooperative invested in the installation of solar panels in its silos, which allows the generation of clean and renewable electricity from sunlight. This measure not only reduces the environmental impact of Cooproeste's operations, but also brings long-term economic benefits, as solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy with very low maintenance costs.


Cooproeste, in its Grain Storage Sector, adopts sustainable practices for waste treatment, such as the reuse of materials, the separation and proper disposal of organic waste and the transformation of by-products into renewable energy sources. One example is the use of organic waste from silo cleaning as raw material for the production of organic fertilizer.


Storage &



The maintenance of thermometry in silos is an essential activity carried out by Cooproeste's Grain Storage Sector. Thermometry is a technique for measuring the temperature of stored grains, being an important control tool to prevent product deterioration. Maintenance includes the periodic measurement and calibration of the measuring equipment, as well as the constant review of the silo aeration system to ensure a homogeneous distribution of air and temperature inside the equipment. In addition, the maintenance team is always attentive to possible damage and failures in the systems, in order to minimize the risk of loss of quality of the stored grains. All of this is done with the objective of guaranteeing maximum efficiency and safety in the storage of grains for the members of the cooperative.

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