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'COOPROESTE Seeds' began in 2004, in the multiplication and commercialization of certified soy seeds in partnership with MONSOY, with the location of the Seed Processing Unit in Luís Eduardo Magalhães-BA.

COOPROESTE's seed production fields undergo rigorous inspections before their raw material is used and approved for the production of soybean seeds, and are located in different sub-regions that make up Western Bahia, favorable for obtaining soybean seeds. high physiological and sanitary quality.

We have an extremely rigorous Seed Quality Internal Control System carried out by our Seed Analysis Laboratory, accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The support of our Laboratory starts with the evaluation of the physical and physiological quality of the seeds used for implantation of the production fields, during the pre-harvest and harvest. It also evaluates the seeds during all stages from processing to bagging, and continues the monthly control during storage, with the objective of identifying any loss of quality that may occur during the storage period.


M-SOY 8866

Good productive potential with wide geographical adaptation and exceptional visuals.

M-SOY 9350

Conventional cultivation of late cycle with good productivity, indicated for new areas.

M 8527 RR

It protects against the root-knot nematode Javanica and Incógnita and anticipates your profits. Productivity, moderate resistance to root-knot nematode, stable productivity with health.

M 8766 RR

Great adaptability to different types of soil. Very high productive potential, excellent health, earlier than M-SOY 8866, ideal for Mato Grosso.

M 9144 RR

Unbeatable in BAMATOPI, very high productive potential, high sanity, ideal for high fertility soils.

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