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Industry innovations:

Traceability is an innovation measure adopted by COOPROESTE for the coffee sector, ensuring greater transparency and security in the production chain. Through this tool, it is possible to identify the origin of the coffee, from its plantation to its commercialization, allowing the product to be accompanied in all stages of the process. In addition, traceability contributes to the appreciation of coffee and meets the demands of consumers who seek products with known origin and sustainability.

Grain cleaning

In the Coffee Sector at Cooproeste, our main focus is to make production possible for our members and guarantee the quality of the coffee. We follow a cooperative > cooperative > exporter relationship, where the Cooperative sells around 75% of our members' coffee and the other 25% is sold directly by member producers.

Classification and Rebenefit of Coffee
We offer coffee classification and reprocessing services, where we sort by size and quality, removing green, black and borer-damaged beans. We use specific machines for this activity, and the reprocessing is done through a sieve, according to the customer's request.

All Inclusive Storage
Our coffee warehouse is located in a total area of 20 hectares of land and has a static capacity of 200,000 bags, which allows us to process 2,000 bags per day. We use standardized Cooproeste big-bags to store the coffee, and these packages contain information such as the batch number and the owner. The calculation units for volumes and values are 60 kg bags or big-bags with 25 bags, equivalent to 1,500 kg. The prices charged for our services refer to the complete package, which includes reception, storage, dispatch and marketing, and are available in our price list.


Insurance and Quality Control
In addition, we have certified properties and storage units and we carry out a rigorous work to control rodents and birds, especially pigeons, to maintain the quality of the coffee stored. We also offer insurance for stored coffee, and the maximum storage time for coffee is three years.

To guarantee the quality of the coffee, we have a tasting room with a testing table and a roaster for quality assessment.

At our coffee plant in Aracatú, where we process and store coffee, we also have crop protection products. These pesticides are purchased upon request by the cooperative producer, who pays the storage fee.




The Waste Management Program visa minimize the generation of waste and carry out the correct destination of the waste generated, aiming to reduce negative environmental impacts


Pest control is an important measure adopted by the coffee sector to ensure the quality and safety of the product, in addition to preserving the environment. Cooproeste carries out pest control through natural and sustainable methods, such as the use of traps and biological control. In this way, it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products that could harm human health and the environment, in addition to maintaining the quality of the coffee produced. Constant monitoring is also an adopted practice, ensuring early detection of possible infestations and enabling rapid intervention.

Sector of


Our growers are passionate about growing coffee, and invest time and dedication to produce exceptional quality beans. COOPROESTE believes in a sustainable production process!

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